5 Star Review By AlwaysInTao.com

Hello reader,

I had to pause from my usual tech only blogging to bring your attention to an amazing local talent. One of our new neighbors makes these quilts and I was pretty impressed with what I saw. I won’t load an entire gallery here but rather will direct you to their website and suggest you share the link with your friends who are into DIY and Sewing.

Sweet Tee Quilts <– Link

As in quilts from tee shirts… Carol (the proprietor) was kind enough to show me her workshop which I endeavored to “Linux” for her, in return for her considerations towards my family and I during this transition. This workshop consists largely of a large layout area, sewing equipment, and one very capable seamstress. While Carol often works with other quilters on specific side projects she showed me a variety of very intricate and deeply personal projects that put her in a special category of artisan suited to a wide range of projects from memorabilia to bereavement.

I’ll not learn to quilt – but I’ll certainly remember seeing the process with new eyes and gaining a deeper respect for a process that dates back far enough to warrant investigation. As a reviewer I can honestly rate Carol’s operation and products as 5 stars and on par with any of the intricate work I’ve seen by other masters of her craft.

Be ready to get specific when you contact Carol – as her plethora of options is expanding enough to require expanded website development – at the rate I reserve for folks who are unquestionably – good as gold.